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Nikon Owner Issue 12

Nikon Owner Issue 12

Editor's Letter

Inside the Concorde Cockpit by Michael Eleftheriades, AA Dipl.
When British Airways asked Michael Eleftheriades to take some panoramic photos inside the cockpit of the last Concorde to fly, he jumped at the opportunity. Little did he know that it was going to be a complete nightmare!

What Lies Beneath by Linda Dunk
The celebrated diver and underwater photographer Linda Dunk guides us through Neptuneís watery realm.

A Return to Aotearoa, The Land of the Long White CLoud - A photographer’s Tale by Robert Sanger
In December last year Robert Sanger returned to Aotearoa, (New Zealandís most common name in the indigenous M‚ori language). New Zealand has become known worldwide as Middle-earth for its Lord of the Rings trilogy and Robert Sanger describes his travels in this magnificent and remote part of the world.

Animals in Action by Heather Angel
Heather Angel informs us that as animals go about their daily lives, they exhibit many different types of behaviour from movement, feeding, courting and loving to playing and conflict. There is plenty of scope for portraying animals in action.

History of Nikon by Gray Levett
Little known to the photographic world is the Nikon aerial camera. It was produced during the early 1940s. Gray Levett turns back the pages of the chronicles of Nikon to the sixteenth year of the Showa era when this camera was manufactured. conflict. There is plenty of scope for portraying animals in action.

Nikon D70 A review by Simon Stafford
The new Nikon D70 has swiftly become the second biggest selling product in Japan and this success has spread across the world.

Subscribers’ Gallery - Michael Huggan
Thirty-five years ago subscriber Michael Huggan purchased his first Nikon. Now so many years later he is using Nikon digital SLRs and describes his photography as a passion in the subscribersí gallery.

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