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Nikon Owner Issue 2

Nikon Owner Issue 2

Framing the Image
By Heather Angel

Sarah - The Duchess of York
Interview by Gray Levett

Go Digital - Love at First Byte
By Peter Bargh

Also in this issue:

Graham Hancock & Santha Faiia
'Fingerprints of the Gods'

On the eve of the re-release of his perennial best seller Fingerprints of the Gods, Hancock explains why he wrote the book, which is illustrated with photographs by Santha Faiia.

Richard Young
And the Oscar Goes To...

After shooting Hollywood's brightest stars and Oscar winners at this year's 73rd Academy Awards in Hollywood, photographer Richard Young flew back to London and dropped into the editorial office with his images.

Nikon in Space - H.J.P. (Douglas) Arnold
"Houston, we Don't Have a Problem"

Beginning in this issue this is the first part of the history of Nikon in Space by the distinguished English space photography expert H.J.P. (Douglas) Arnold.

Sharp Practise - part I

In the first of two articles, Simon Stafford explains how to achieve sharp pictures and exactly what you you need to understand about your camera and your lens, and then be able to practice sound photographic technique.

Marketing your Images - Part I

How does one get images in print? Ron Spillman FRPS offers guidance.