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Meet the Nikon Owner Editorial Team

Gray Levett Simon Stafford Gillian Greenwood Becky Danese Jesse Wilson

Gray Levett Editor

Gray Levett has served as editor of Nikon Owner, the magazine he co-founded with Uri Zakay and Gillian Greenwood, since its launch. He is also the founder of Grays of Westminster, the multi-award-winning, exclusively Nikon dealer described by Professional Photographer magazine as "The High Church of Nikon".

He started his career as a rock photographer and his work has appeared in newspapers and magazines both nationally and internationally, as well as on albums and book covers. During the early part of his career he worked as a road manager, co-founded a band called 'When Stars Collide', ran a theatre group and was the head of promotions for an indie record label and recording studio in London. In addition, he was the personal manager for a number of musicians including legendary pianist Nicky Hopkins, who was arguably one of the most important and busiest session men in rock history. He lived in Los Angeles between 1979 and 1985 and worked in Hollywood as a writer and a freelance photographer. He wrote for a number of publications including Ad Astra, a science fiction/science fact magazine, and was also invited to write for Kate Bush, whom he had met many years before her first hit record. His work as a freelance photographer straddled both the music and the movie industries and to this day he still maintains strong contacts in the U.S..

Gray has been involved in the Nikon brand since 1971, is an acknowledged expert on the history of Nikon and has written extensively on the subject. He is a Fellow of The Institute of Directors and a member of The Explorers Club.

Simon Stafford Technical Editor

Simon Stafford is one of the world's leading technical experts on Nikon. With over forty years of using the Nikon system in both film and digital photography, he brings his considerable expertise to bear as Senior Technical Editor of Nikon Owner. His work has been published widely in a multitude of newspapers, books, calendars and magazines. Simon is not only a photographer, but also the author of over twenty-five books on the Nikon camera system. An experienced tutor who presents a wide range of photography seminars and workshops, he also leads landscape, travel, and wildlife photography tours regularly in the UK, Europe, Africa and Asia.

Gillian Greenwood Senior Features Editor

Gillian Greenwood has been the Senior Features Editor of Nikon Owner for over twenty years. Her articles, major interviews and profiles of photographers have enhanced this magazine's pages with a blend of sophistication, intelligence and integrity since its inception. Her history of Nikon and Grays of Westminster, "The Legend and The Legacy" was published in 2016 to commemorate their 30th anniversary and includes a forward written by the President of the Nikon Corporation Japan. She says that one of the highlights for her was when the distinguished actor and photographer David Suchet C.B.E. (world-famous for his portrayal of Hercule Poirot) was the guest speaker at her first book launch. She was one of the founders of Nikon Owner magazine, together with Gray Levett and Uri Zakay, and for many years was also the driving force behind the magazine's substation subscriber base. In spite of a busy work schedule, she spends any spare time writing, and is currently completing a trilogy in the thriller genre, which should be finished by the end of the year.

Becky Danese Sub-editor

Becky Danese joined the Nikon Owner team as sub-editor in 2014 and has also works on the technical team at Grays of Westminster since 2008. She currently shoots with Nikon Z cameras and a variety of lenses, including those dating back to pre-AI manufacture. She has excellent knowledge in both the digital and film aspect of photography and has enjoyed photography from an early age; in fact, she told us she could be frequently seen around school with a little compact 35mm camera (discreet enough so that it couldn't be confiscated). She is also half of the Grays of Westminster YouTube channel, and you can find her out and about shooting everything from the latest Z bodies and lenses to 35mm and 120 film on a wide range of cameras, including Pentax, Leica, Mamiya and many more.

Jesse Wilson Designer & Art Director

Jesse Wilson of Beyond Media is the Designer & Art Director for Nikon Owner and is an accomplished and prolific designer, having designed over 500 album covers and over 250 websites for various firms and individuals including photographers Mike Maloney OBE and the late Sir Simon Marsden, Grays of Westminster and many others.