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Nikon Owner Issue 13

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GHOSTS OF THE SKIES – The Philip Makanna Interview
The world-famous aviation photographer Philip Makanna talks to Simon Stafford about his extraordinary career.

RICHARD YOUNG - Shooting Stars by Gillian Greenwood
The name Richard Young has become synonymous with celebrity photography. Features Editor Gillian Greenwood details his 30 years at the top of his chosen profession.

Heather Angel was inspired by the enthusiasm of the participants getting to grips with lighting flowers at her 2004 Wildlife and Natural History Workshop with Nikon at Saint Hill Manor and felt that other Nikon Owner subscribers might appreciate some guidance here.

Nikon manufacture a plethora of camera accessories – Simon Stafford picks his top ten.

A former nuclear test area seems an unlikely safe haven for a critically endangered species, even more so when it is surrounded by a vast, inhospitable section of China's Gobi desert.

e-COMPOSITION by Simon Stafford
These days it seems that more and more activities are becoming enmeshed in the electronic revolution that appears to gain pace with each passing day; we have e-mail, e-banking, and e-commerce to name but a few. Simon Stafford introduces you to e-composition!

HISTORY OF NIKON Part XI by Gray Levett
All-Weather, Autofocus the AWAF and All-Weather Autofocus Data the AWAD. This gem on an amphibious compact Nikon film camera is examined in this issue

Much to the delighted surprise of photographers all around the world Nikon launched a new flagship film SLR, the F6. Technical editor Simon Stafford takes a first look.

MEMBERS’ GALLERY - Peter Paterson
Subscriber Peter Paterson has been involved in photography for over forty years and describes it as an obsession. The image he shares with us is of a Scottish landscape.

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Letters to the Editor

Technical Q&A