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"This magazine is everything a photographic magazine should be but often, alas, isn't. Thumbing through the pages rehabilitates the excitement and joy of photography itself - it's a magazine disguised as a work of art!"

– P. W., Surrey, England


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About Nikon Owner Magazine

Nikon Owner magazine is a lavishly-produced, glossy 60-page publication with the purpose of bringing together Nikon users and providing them with unique opportunities to increase their photographic skill and knowledge of Nikon equipment. The magazine editor is Gray Levett, the founder of Grays of Westminster, which is the legendary multi-award-winning exclusively Nikon store based in London. Nikon Owner is dedicated to bringing the reader all the latest news and authoritative product reviews on Nikon equipment by award-winning photographer and author Simon Stafford, as well as leading articles by Joe McNally, Moose Peterson and Heather Angel. In addition, there are regular features by technical writer Becky Danese, major interviews by features editor Gillian Greenwood, stunning images of vintage Nikon by master photographer Tony Hurst and much, much more. Also featured are inspirational pictures from many of the world's leading Nikon professionals.

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There is also an interactive subscribers' only website which offers a popular technical helpline, subscribers' message board, the latest press releases from Nikon and other companies, subscriber events, and much, much more. As well as well as being able to download every back issue of Nikon Owner magazine. (73 back issues are currently available.)

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In the latest issue...

Issue 73

Cities of Light and Beauty
An Interview with Georgianna Lane

The Nikkor Z 24-70mm f/2.8 S Lens Review
by Simon Stafford

A Streaming Experience
by Becky Danese

A Marvellous Macro: Hands-on with the Z Nikkor 50mm f/2.8 MC
by Becky Danese

The Musical Box of Michael Putland
by Gray Levett

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