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Nikon Owner Issue 20

Nikon Owner Issue 20

Editor's Letter by Gray Levett

Brazil the Road to Rio by Peter Spurgeon

Peter Spurgeon is a long-standing subscriber to Nikon Owner magazine. A photographer based in London, he belongs to London Independent Photography, City of London and Cripplegate Photographic Society and the Creative Swing Arts Collective. He shoots a variety of subjects, but his main photographic passion is to capture the essence of urban and natural landscapes with graphic compositions. He uses medium format (Mamiya RB67) and 35mm (Nikon F80) cameras. Proper Gander and Alamy image libraries hold his work. He has recorded a number of different events photographically including the Clerkenwell Literary Festival and rehearsals for the play 'Risk Everything'.

The Earth Mysteries - Easter Island by Graham Hancock & Santha Faiia

In Part II of Graham Hancock and Santha Faiia's series The Earth Mysteries, written specially for Nikon Owner magazine, Graham speculates upon the enigma of Easter Island.

The Pit and the Photographer by Tabatha Fireman

'first three songs, no flash'

Technical Q & As from Simon Stafford

Stretching the Limits - Choosing the right equipment for panoramic photography by Michael Eleftheriades, AA Dipl.

The Four Seasons - Autumn by Gillian Greenwood

Photographs by Adrian Cochrane

The Brothers Collier by Gillian Greenwood

In Part I of The Brothers Collier, we glimpsed at the creative vision of Tim Collier, who has made photography his life's work. In Part II of this article, we examine the evocative work of Phil Collier, ornithologist and wildlife photographer.

Double Century Delight Part II

In the second part of his review Simon Stafford concludes his close look at Nikon's latest digital SLR: the D200.

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The Exquisite Detail of a Female Brimstone Butterfly Feeding in Summer by Jackie Cooper

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