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"I just want to say I truly enjoy your website and all the information that is available. I love the technical critiques and pictures and the info on them. I am new to photography (about a year). I have a Nikon N80 (F80) and saving to get a D100. The reviews on the D100 keep me steadfast in that direction - everyone seems to want me to pull to the Fuji S2, but the more I read on D100 the more I know to keep that as my target. Thank you and everyone for all the comments and information provided. My focus is nature - flowers, animals, etc, but also photos that share feelings. Can't get into buildings and such. I love Heather Angel's photos."

email from Susie Dykstra, Olympia, WA, USA

"I forgot to add the fact that I have read Simon Stafford's presentation on Digital Imaging, I think it's excellent plus it's a great help for the City & Guilds Digital Imaging course I'm currently studying. Many thanks."

e-mail: Angela Sharp

"Many thanks for a great site, which I continue to find a valuable web resource."

e-mail from William A. Bolton

"A good opportunity here to thank you for your great shop... having bought loads of stuff from Nick over the last year. Also for all the care and attention to detail that goes in to making the 'Nikon Owner' magazine. I love reading it and can't wait to get the next one. I am sure that I am not alone in wishing we could have one a month. (that is not a hint by the way) It is just such a delight to read and see... like all good things we always want more."

Kind regards

e-mail: Shirley Muzika

"Nikon Owner is the only magazine I know that looks, feels, and reads more like a book."

Andy Bennett, Product Manager, Lowepro UK Ltd

"I would also like to add that I very much enjoy the 'Nikon Owner' magazine both my partner and I find it an enjoyable and interesting read. Well done.

Many thanks."

e-mail: Angela Sharp

“The Nikon Owner is the world’s most important, authoritative and influential magazine for the Nikon camera user. It is a magazine that explores all aspects of the Nikon camera and its potential, with contributors chosen for their infinitive variety of specialities in the photographic world. The magazine is published quarterly and stands alone as a “must have” for all Nikon owners.”

Tony West, Sales Elite limited, London

"By the way, I am very pleased with the (Nikon Owner) magazine and (History of Nikon) poster. Very high quality and informative. Thank you again."

Stephen J. Kew, Kew's Camera Service, Provo, Utah USA

"Your 'Nikon Owner' magazine is really wonderful.

Thanks a lot again."

Dr. Nabil Farouk, Cairo, Egypt

“The [Nikon Owner] magazine goes from strength to strength. I particularly enjoy articles on past cameras and also the uses of Nikon cameras and lenses in specialized fields, such as the NASA space programme. All congratulations for taking on this role."

Barry Muller, Rugby, Warwickshire

"The truly excellent 'Nikon Owner' magazine goes from strength to strength!

I really like the balance you've achieved between people/technical/and gear information."

John Archer-Thomson, Pembrokeshire

"Thank you so much for the latest 'Nikon Owner' magazine issue V.

I would like to congratulate you on an excellent issue. I think I mentioned to you that any new magazine takes a few issues to settle.

The type is more readable, the content is very good, together with stunning pictures by Heather Angel - you have a winner!!

Keep up the good work."

Gay Burdett
formerly Art Director for Vogue magazine

"Thought you should know that our copy of "Nikon Owner" magazine arrived today and arrived in pristine condition -- your postal service must have some method of convincing ours to deliver your mail better than local-origin mail. In addition, the magazine is terrific -- great job.

Thanks as always, thanks for your assistance."

Daniel A. Devay Attorney At Law. U.S.A.

"I was delighted to receive the first issue of the (Nikon Owner) magazine which I think is very well put together and most informative. Please pass my congratulations on to Gray and the editorial team for a successful launch."

Gareth Davies London, England

"The latest of issue of Nikon Owner was spectacular, beautifully designed and very informative. Since I design magazines for a living, I feel qualified to comment on it and this issue was exemplary, totally representative of the quality and prestige of Nikon. And you can quote me!"

Georgianna Lane, Hollywood, California, USA

"This magazine is everything a photographic magazine should be but often, alas, isn't. Thumbing through the pages rehabilitates the excitement and joy of photography itself - it's a magazine disguised as a work of art! Clearly put together by lovers of all that photography is, it goes from strength to strength at an exponential rate. Congratulations to all concerned!"

P. Warren, Surrey, England

"Thank you for the inspired choice of images in issue II of Nikon Owner. I think I can say without reservation that you have elevated the photographic magazine concept to new and previously unscaled heights! The shot of the jet breaking the sound barrier, to name just one image, was sensational! The Nikon Corporation must be over the moon with your efforts."

Josephine Cooper, Glasgow, Scotland

"I would like to congratulate you on a wonderful magazine. From an amateur's point of view, it provides an abundance of useful and easy to comprehend information."

e-mail: Miss Tracy Tillman, Australia

"Regarding the latest issue of the magazine: excellent seems too weak a word to describe it. Sublime yet powerful."

e-mail: Hup Yeoh, London, England

"An altogether moving and profoundly written article in Issue 4 of Nikon Owner - One Day in September - Lt. John McCole - a Firefighter's Story."

F. L. Arlington, Bucks

"Thanks for the second issue of Nikon owner magazine. I love heather Angel's work. Excellent article on the Duchess of York. Superb magazine, Gray."

Janet Williamson, Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.