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Nikon Owner Issue 5

Nikon Owner Issue 5

Digital Infrared
By Peter Bargh

That's Life - The story behind the front cover
By Gillian Greenwood

The King is Dead - Long Live the King: A Review of the Nikon D1X
By Simon Stafford

Also in this issue:

Patrick McMullan - Zero Degrees of Separation

An interview with New York's Ultimate Society Photographer by Gray Levett

Shooting at Sub-Zero by Heather Angel

You are as cold as ice, your camera batteries are failing and the film is so brittle that the sprocket holes are tearing but you have to get the shot. What do you do? Simple. Ask Heather Angel.

Made to Measure

By taking control of your light meter you will see an immediate improvement in your images. The derivation of the word Photography is 'writing with light'. In this article Simon Stafford explains how to write with accuracy.

Conversion Course - Part I by Simon Stafford

A review of Nikon teleconverters both past and present, together with some practical advice on using them. Part One begins in this issue.

The History of Nikon by Gray Levett

A highly celebrated war photographer introduced Nikon into the West. His name is David Douglas Duncan. This is the story of how he discovered Nikon.

Power Hungry

Not all batteries are created equal. To get the most out of them and his or her camera equipment it is important that the photographer understands the qualities and uses of different types of battery. In response to your frequent requests we present this guide

The Road of Life - My Favourite Image by Garry Coward-Williams

Garry Coward-Williams the respected editor of Amateur Photographer magazine chooses his favourite image and explains what it means to him.