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Nikon Owner Issue 7

Nikon Owner Issue 7

Assignment: Afghanistan
By Nick Sidle

Mark Tillie: Nikon in Brollywood

Horses for Courses – The D100 Review
By Simon Stafford

Subscribers' Gallery: Joanna Vestey

History of Nikon Part VI
By Gray Levett

Also in this issue:

Metering with Confidence by Heather Angel

The doyenne of wildlife photography begins her article with the following words: “No matter the price tag of a camera, from my experience of working alongside photographers the world over, the single most irksome issue is the nagging doubt about getting the correct exposure.” Let Heather Angel personally guide you to meter with confidence.

It’s a Small World – Part I

In the first of a series of articles on close-up and macro photography, Eleanor Weston discusses the basic principles and some practical considerations.

The Editor Goes East Part II

Have Nikon, Will Travel. The second part of Gray Levett’s trip to the home of Nikon.

My Favourite Image

Go Yamagata is a young Japanese professional photographer and a founder subscriber of the Nikon Owner magazine. Go tells us about his favourite image.

Kubrick, Sellers and Nikon.

Two rare behind-the-scenes images of the legendary film director Stanley Kubrick and master impressionist Peter Sellers