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Nikon Owner Issue 10

Nikon Owner Issue 10

Editor's Letter

Heather Angel - Iconic Images
What makes an iconic image and how do you go about gaining an iconic image? Heather Angel unveils the answer

Star Words - Episode I
Richard Edlund, achieved industry-wide fame at ILM (Industrial Light & Magic) for his effects work on the Star Wars trilogy. In this issue the high priest of special effects gives us a world exclusive interview as he discusses his extraordinary career with the writer and broadcaster Robert Falconer.

Eleanor Weston - It's A Small World Part III
In the final instalment of her article Eleanor Weston discusses the current range of accessories available from Nikon that complement their cameras and the Micro-Nikkor lenses for close-up and macro photography.

Also in this issue:

12-24mm DX Review

Technical editor Simon Stafford reviews the first of the DX Nikkor lenses designed for the digital D series SLRs.

Editor Goes West Part II

In the second part of his article editor Gray Levett steps through the portals of the Explorers Club into another world...

History of Nikon - Part VII

Gray Levett turns back the pages of time to 1959 to look at the first Nikkor lenses produced for the legendary Nikon F.

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Our technical helpline is a service on the magazine's website www.nikonownermagazine.com. It receives your questions and responds with the answers.

High Concept - Win a Signed Heather Angel Print

In the magazine you will see an uncaptioned image by Heather Angel. As a special offer for subscribers Heather has generously donated a signed print and all you have to do to win it is to come up with a suitable concept.

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