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Nikon Owner Issue 10

It's A Small World - Part III
By Eleanor Weston

An SB-29s was used to provide some fill-in flash for this picture of a pair of backlit acorns.
Nikon F5, AFD Micro-Nikkor 70-180mm f/4.5-5.6, SB-29s, Fuji Velvia

Viewing & Focusing Accessories

All of the professional F series film SLR cameras have interchangeable viewfinder heads. Apart from the normal eye-level type there are two other viewfinders that can be very useful for close-up photography. The Waist-Level finder has a simple folding hood that opens out to form a tower over the top of the camera’s focusing screen allowing the screen to be viewed from directly above. Although the screen image is the right way up you must remember that it is laterally reversed. To aid focusing it has a small, flip-up magnifier lens that provides about a 5x magnification of the central area of the viewfinder field. The waist-level finder is an excellent choice for low-angle work when it is often difficult, if not impossible, to get your eye behind a normal eye-level viewfinder. The 6x High Magnification Finder takes vertical viewing to another stage and is designed for critical focusing of subject that has been highly magnified. It is especially useful when the camera is attached to a bellows unit, or a series of extension tubes. These finders comprise of a rigid cylindrical tower with an adjustable eyepiece dioptre (–5 to +3m) and a contoured rubber eyecup. The finder magnifies the central area of the view-finder by a factor of six and used with an appropriate focusing screen is very effective even when the depth-of-field is extremely limited. I have listed the Nikon product codes for these two types of view-finder in the adjacent table.