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Letters to the Editor

Thank you very much!

I simply wish to express my sincere thanks to Simon Stafford for answering my two questions and providing the guidance which has allowed me to purchase three superb lenses for my D70 (AF-S Nikkor 24-120mm f/3.5-5.6G IF ED VR, AF-S Nikkor 12-24mm f/4G ED IF DX and AF-S Nikkor 18-70mm f/3.5-4.5G DX). I have yet to receive my fourth lens, the AF 35mm f/2D. I am impressed that each question was answered within 24 hours, which is excellent when I feel you must be inundated with queries from your large and varied following. I am also delighted with the first magazine (Nikon Owner issue XII) I received and especially pleased that by coincidence, the D70, which I recently purchased, was reviewed by Simon. This is a great magazine and I feel I am in the company of dedicated professionals.

I have recently returned to photography after a twenty-year absence (semi-professional 1978 to 1982) and still have all the original darkroom equipment, although now I suppose it will be classified as antique! Moving into the digital world presents no problems as I have worked in the IT world for many years and have all the necessary professional hardware for image manipulation.

I decided that this time around, I would purchase the best equipment and in my opinion, Nikon answers that call. I am looking forward to receiving my D2X in January to complement the D70 and provided my good lady continues to support my recent lavish spending spree, I will add to my collection of lenses, etc., in the coming months.

Thank you for helping to revitalise my interest in this wonderful hobby.

Email: Geoff W. Baines

Praise for Nikon Owner

I have just received the latest edition of Nikon Owner magazine and must congratulate you and the team on a superb issue. Every article was of interest to me and the quality of layout and production is excellent – all in all I would say the best edition to date. I’m looking forward to the next one already and I’m sure you won’t let me down.


Email: Jon Hubbard

I cannot cease being a member – the Nikon Owner is the only literate publication for Nikon owners!

Email: Jon J. Gallo, California U.S.A.


I am sorry that I could I could not attend the Heather Angel Wildlife & Natural History Workshop at Saint Hill Manor this year, but as your workshops have proved year after year this is the only time of the year when you can guarantee perfect weather, I took my annual holiday!

Derek Cooke, Kent

Heather Angel at Saint Hill Manor

I promised to send you my comments on the Heather Angel Workshop held in July. I’ve been working hard in Turkey, hence the delay.

I thoroughly enjoyed the Heather Angel Workshop and took a lot away from it.

The presentation on Heather’s work with long lenses was very interesting, as the longest lens I possess is a 105mm Micro-Nikkor. It was really good to see that Heather’s ability to create great images is not her passion for photography so much as her passion for her subject matter. As an amateur it’s taken me a short while to realise this basic premise and it is reaffirmed as I read about the lives and work of other photographers and meet people like Heather.

The digital debate was also good. As an AP (Amateur Photographer) reader I am astounded by the diatribes that are printed in their letters pages, endlessly going on about digital versus film. I love film, but I’m not naive – film is dead in the water as a mainstream format. So it was refreshing to listen to a discussion about the practicalities of digital as opposed to a battle of formats.

With regard to the afternoon session, whilst I consider myself to be fairly experienced with regard to macro photography I learnt some very useful techniques for broadening my approach and the types of images that I can produce.

Finally, the venue (Saint Hill Manor) was superb, as were the staff and the food. I was only sorry that I didn’t have the time to stay on for dinner.

By the way, my film survived being exposed to daylight after I opened the camera back without rewinding. Only lost a couple of frames.

Email: Oliver Fox

Nikon Leicester Seminar, 9th October

Thanks for the call on Friday, Gillian, giving me the opportunity to attend the event, IT WAS FANTASTIC.

Dave (Robbins) is a very competent presenter and kept things at an enjoyable level handling the audiences various levels of experience well. The venue was easy to find and well-suited, the attendance level was testament to your hard work, and I hope that Nikon appreciate all you have done.

I look forwards to future NOCI and Nikon events and hope the success of using Leicester will promote its use again.

Once again thanks,

Andy Pilkington