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Centre-weighted metering

Question: Dear Simon, On the Nikon D2Hs, which of the four user selectable centre-weighted metering options (6,8,10 or 13mm) would most closely resemble the centre weighted metering pattern found on the Nikkormat FTn? Regards, Steve.

Answer: Dear Steve, In terms of the proportion of the total frame area, the 8mm circle in the centre of the viewfinder screen in a DX format camera equates to the 12mm circle in the centre of the viewfinder screen used in many 35mm Nikon film cameras.

However, the bias of the centre-weighted metering in early Nikon cameras operates on a ratio of 60:40, where approximately 60% of the metering influence is confined to the centre circle, whereas in the later D-SLR cameras and film cameras such as the F6 the bias has a ratio of 75:25, where approximately 75% of the metering influence is confined to the centre circle. Regards, Simon.

Wireless flash control using the Creative Lighting System

Question: Hi Simon. I attended a meeting of the Nikon Owner Southern group recently, during which two people experimented with a D70 and a SB-800 Speedlight, firing the built-in flash of the D70 to set off the SB-800 which was set to remote, wireless mode.

I have a D100 and D2X cameras with SB-28DX and SB-800 Speedlights. Is it possible for me to do the same? If so I would be pleased if you could tell me what method I should use. Kind regards, Graham.

Answer: Dear Graham, Only Nikon cameras and Speedlights that are compatible with Nikon's latest i-TTL flash exposure control and Creative Lighting System (CLS) support the wireless control of a remote Speedlight, as performed by the people using the D70 and SB-800 at the meeting you attended.

Currently, this includes the D2-Series, D200, D70-series, D50, and F6 cameras, and the SB-800, SB-600, and SB-R200 Speedlights. (Note: Whilst the D50 is compatible with i-TTL and CLS, only the built-in Speedlights of the D200, and D70-series cameras support wireless control of remote Speedlights).

You would need to add an extra, compatible Speedlight to your current equipment in order to use your SB-800 as the master flash unit, and the second Speedlight as the remote flash unit.

The D100 and SB-28DX are not compatible with the CLS.Regards, Simon.