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Nikon Owner Issue 17

Letters to the Editor

Ring the bells for film!

I read extensive coverage within the magazine and also in the excellent Technical Helpline and notice that it is largely all about digital. I realise that this is hardly surprising given the huge growth of digital and you have to tackle the subject. However, can I register a request for more space to be devoted to the film user?

Simon Tidmouth

Editor's reply: Your wish is our command. Simon Stafford's review of Fuji film using both ancient and modern Nikon cameras awaits your pleasure.

Unexpected Inspiration

Thank you, Nikon Owner, for unexpectedly inspiring me to go out and shoot more images!

Kit Walker, Africa

We will rock you!

I enjoyed Chris Weston's article [Inside the Circle of Fear] in Issue XVI. From the powerful cover to the leaping red fox, it all worked perfectly. Nikon Owner rocks!

Sylvia Fleming, California


The Nikon Owner Collector's Issue is fabulous and has some really interesting articles. Please keep up the good work.

Chris Smith, London

Content and production

I like to think we all have reasons for choosing the camera system we use although the persuasive power of advertising must have its effect. For a good number of years I favoured an old established kit that was big, solid and heavy. Not for me autofocus when my eyes were good enough. However, comes the day when a slight touch of arthritis affects the fingers and the eyes are not as good, and as these realities had to be addressed, I started looking round for a lighter system, both cameras and lenses.

After looking through what was available, I picked on the F80 and I have now had it, plus one or two additional lenses, for 18 months. Although the G lenses I have do not have the same brick outhouse quality of other Nikon lenses, the optical quality is of sufficient quality to enable me to successfully compete on equal terms at club level.

At the time of purchase I didn't take up the suggestion to subscribe to Nikon Owner but now having done so and having seen the quality of both the content and production I realised that I was foolish not to have subscribed in the first place!

Peter Leach

Nikon Seminars

Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed John McDonald's seminar; I found his style, knowledge and approachability to be excellent - even if I wasn't in the market for a new camera! (But I do want the new flash.) Thank you, Gillian for arranging these meetings, I, for one, find them most stimulating.

Fred Morgan

Gillian, the course was excellent, John Macdonald is an excellent speaker, and of course the venue was very good as well. If you are thinking of running another course in the Midlands we would be very interested in one that involved a workshop that concentrated on scanning film images and producing digital image or prints. I have always enjoyed using Nikon equipment and with the quality of film at the moment there has never been a better time to take pictures on film. I am still in love with my trusty F3 and my F5 bought from Grays of Westminster. Please keep up the good work and the excellent magazine. Hope to see you all again soon.

Richard Barker.

Thank you so much for assisting us with the wonderful Speedlight seminar held at Nikon House. Richard and I both enjoyed the evening immensely!

Having just bought a Speedlight SB-800 to use with my D100 I found every aspect of this free seminar so useful. It was interesting to chat with other Nikon Owner subscribers and to receive some useful tips about my first professional assignment early next month, which necessitates the SB-800!

John Clements, the presenter, really provided such a clear and informative presentation - if it is possible to attend another seminar for level 2 Speedlight I would be very keen to attend.

Once again, Gillian, many thanks for such a great evening - much appreciated!

Peter Penberthy

Nikon Owner Magazine

What I most enjoy about reading your magazine is that one never quite knows what to expect. A memoriam to the late lamented John Peel (Editor's Letter Issue XIV) is a case in point. Like the Editor I too found that Peel formed my musical tastes, first of all in his groundbreaking show The Perfumed Garden, 1967 - 1969, BBC Radio London, then again, after his move to Radio One.

Also like Gray Levett, I wanted to capture these bands and artists on film. Only in Nikon Owner would you devote space to thank those who have influenced you. In some respects your magazine reminds me of the spirit of John Peel's shows. One never knew what to expect and you just knew that no-one else and nowhere else would they get airtime.

Then there are the interviews like the magnificent Ghost of the Skies by ace vintage aviation photographer Philip Makanna. I sat at my breakfast table gob-smacked by the fantastic images and was stunned to read that Mr. Makanna suffers from motion sickness.

Features Editor Gillian Greenwood has a fine turn of phrase too and I greatly enjoyed her book In the Company of Legends.

Jack North