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Gray Levett

A few weeks ago I was sitting in my office with Simon Stafford, respected photographer, author and technical editor of Nikon Owner, examining a pre-production sample of the Nikon D200, which has just made its debut in the U.K. at the Nikon Solutions Expo, Olympia. The D200 is Nikon's powerful new 10.2 megapixel D-SLR, which bridges the gap between entry-level and professional digital SLRs. It features Nikon's exclusive 3D Color Matrix Metering II, a brand new 11-area AF system and a D2X processing engine, shutter speeds from 1/8000sec to 30 seconds, near-instant power-up and continuous shooting at 5fps for up to 37 JPEG images. Simon has written his initial impressions in the current issue.
Nikon have announced a versatile new 11x DX zoom, which is due to go on sale in shops at the end of December. This 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6G IF-ED has a Silent Wave Motor for super-fast, super-accurate and super-quiet AF, plus enhanced Vibration Reduction (VR II) to enable significantly sharper handheld images at shutter speeds up to four times slower and in a wider range of lighting conditions than any other lens of its class on the market.

To make macro lighting easy and to expand the creative potential for general multi-flash photography, Nikon is launching the Wireless Remote Speedlight SB-R200 and Wireless Speedlight Commander SU-800. Two special kits will also be available: the Nikon Close-up Speedlight Commander Kit SB-R1C1, which includes the SU-800 commander, two SB-R200 units with attachment ring, lens adapters and filters, and the Close-Up Remote Kit SB-R1, comprising two SB-R200 units and necessary adapter rings, filters etc.. Nikon hope to have this new speedlight available by the end of December.
The GRAYS OF WESTMINSTER Gallery has just opened.

A brand new photographic gallery has opened at Grays of Westminster featuring a number of stunning photographs by Simon Marsden. Marsden is an internationally acclaimed photographer of the fantastic and supernatural. His poetic, gothic images can be found in many important collections, including the Getty Museum in California and the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

His books include: The Haunted Realm, In Ruins - The Once Great Houses of Ireland, Phantoms of the Isles, Visions of Poe, The Journal of a Ghosthunter, Beyond the Wall, Venice - City of Haunting Dreams, The Twilight Hour and This Spectred Isle - A Journey Through Haunted England.

There is somewhere to sit, courtesy of two high-backed leather chairs, and a welcoming fire during the winter months. Additionally we are planning a number of specialised seminars and one-to-one lessons by Simon Stafford.

The Gallery is open during normal business hours between 10.00 a.m. and 5.30 p.m., Monday to Friday and 10.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m. on Saturday. Telephone 020-7828 4925 for details.

While we are on the subject of Simon Marsden, and if you came to the Nikon Owner Christmas Dinner in December 2003, you will vividly recall the special screening of Jason Figgis's The Twilight Hour. The documentary followed Simon Marsden as he explored some of the darkest and most disturbing corners of Ireland. We saw him in the Ireland's myriad ruined castles, eerie mansions and ivy-clad mausoleums, collecting haunting photographs for his forthcoming book, The Twilight Hour - Celtic Visions From The Past.
I am delighted to say that the long awaited DVD of The Twilight Hour - Visions Of Ireland's Haunted Past is now available via the Marsden Archive: www.marsdenarchive.com

Director Jason Figgis of October Eleven Pictures was intrigued by Marsden's abiding impression that he is often not quite alone during his solitary photographic journeys, and that he frequently has the uncomfortable feeling that he is being followed by some unseen presence.

The film reveals the stories behind these ill-fated castles, mysterious ruins and ancient standing stones that have stood vigil through the ages, giving voice to the restless souls whose presence is both legendary and documented: the reckless child; the victim of a husband's rage; the family of violent, murderous men; the simple housemaid, literally frightened to death who now returns to terrify those still living.

Marsden shares both his incredible knowledge of supernatural folklore and his own innermost fears, while Figgis artfully recreates the alternate reality captured in Marsden's mystical photographs. Acclaimed actor John Hurt adds to the macabre atmosphere with readings from Edgar Allan Poe.

In early 2002, Richard C. Wiese became the youngest president in The Explorers Club's hundred-year history. Both Gillian Greenwood the Features Editor and I had the great pleasure of meeting him recently when he visited England for the British Explorers Club Dinner. He travelled with Jeff Stolzer Communications & Events Director of the Explorers' Club.

I have just spent the afternoon shooting with the Nikon D2X and find myself fully agreeing with Simon Stafford's review that it is one of the finest pieces of photographic equipment he has encountered during the past quarter of a century. If you have not tried it, then give yourself a treat. It is magnificent.

Finally, I frequently feel that as an editor I am observing a kitchen full of cooks as they progress through the different stages of culinary creation towards what they hope to be a sumptuous feast. And, as if to prove the point, the other day we had the pleasure of a visit from Neil Lucas from the B.B.C. Natural History Unit working with Gillian Greenwood on the finishing touches of the article in this issue on his extraordinary career. So we will leave you with a packed magazine full of informative and inspirational articles, and we hope you will enjoy the feast as much as we did creating it for you.

Best wishes

Gray Levett

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