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One Day in September - A Firefighters Story...
By Lt. John McCole

Lt. John McCole has been with the New York Fire Department as a firefighter for over seventeen years. He has also worked as a Training Officer at the Fire Department Academy, and has served in many Fire Stations throughout New York. John is also a subscriber of the Nikon Owner magazine.

Tower wreckage

On September 11th John was off-duty, and was recalled back on duty to attend the attack on the World Trade Center buildings. Here is his story.


“I was helping at my local church in Manhattan’s East Side when I first heard what had happened. It was around 9:00am in the morning and at the moment unbeknown to me two aircraft had just collided with the World Trade Twin Towers.

One of the church staff came and told me that she had just heard about the attack and I should get in contact with my station. I got on the phone and finally got through to a firehouse in midtown where I knew a lot of guys. I spoke to one of the officers there that I had been promoted with four years before. He told me that there was a recall of all off-duty subscribers and I should get to my assigned battalion quickly.