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Zooms: Advantage or Compromise?
By Heather Angel


Readers of my early books will know that when I began to photograph the natural world, I had a distinct preference for prime lenses. Over the years, however, I have gradually acquired a wide range of Nikon zooms, which I regularly use alongside all my prime lenses. Why the change of heart?


Essentially, computer design has resulted in enhanced resolution of Nikon zoom lenses with wider (and faster) apertures, thus providing a viable proposition for the quality of images I needed for reproduction in my books.

The first zoom to catch my eye was the original 80-200mm f/2.8 – a superb quality lens which was initially produced without a tripod collar. This has now beenrectified. Then I bought the much sought after 200-400mm (now only available as a rare second-hand acquisition), which I used on many trips to Africa. Now we have the 80-400mm – more of that anon.

Let us now consider the benefits and downfalls of working with zooms.